Who We Are
Sean O’Donnell & Associates is a small, independent firm primarily providing technical assistance to other organ building and restoration firms. In recent years, the firm has been more and more frequently engaged directly by owners with particularly challenging situations. Using a mix of in-house talent and contacts made over 25 years in the industry, Sean O’Donnell & Associates can assemble a team to address a wide variety of instruments, institutions, situations, and locations to provide cost effective and artistically satisfying solutions.

Current major projects include the restoration of an E.M. Skinner player organ, Op. 742, at Welkinweir, an estate in Pottstown PA (Summer 2015);  the restoration and installation of an Aeolian Harp for the beautiful Kegg Organ Co. project at Bryn Athyn Cathedral (Autumn 2014), and the on-going transfer of music from perforated paper rolls to a digital format that can be played on many different organs.

Interesting projects in the last few years include the recovery and presentation of the only known copy of the only known recording of Leopold Stokowski playing the organ, the renovation of Aeolian Op. 1512 (private residence, Delaware); restoration of the 1930 E.M. Skinner Op. 617 (private residence, Pennsylvania); relocation with additions of Kimball Op. 4852 (private residence, Massachusetts); and technical consultation to Klais Orgelbau, Bonn, Germany, for the restoration and relocation of Skinner Op. 823, now in Ingleheim, Germany.
Recent Projects
  • Shaw Kimball
  • Skinner Player Organ
  • Organ Historical Society Convention
  • Stokowski Performs Halloween Night in Philadelphia
  • The Timeless Beauty of Hook Organs
  • AGO 2014
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