Project: Aeolian DuoArt Residence Organ
Client: Private Residence

About The Project
This Aeolian organ and its DuoArt player have been a source of delight in this home almost continuously since it was first installed in 1921.  It came under the care of Nelson Barden & Associates in the 1990's, where the emphasis was on preservng the music of the DuoArt rolls.  A Barden player system was added with a repertoir of over 800 titles, and the original pneumatic switching relay was replaced with a Peterson Diode Matrix system for greater reliability.  The instrument passed into the care of Sean O'Donnell & Associates in 2004.  After many years of maintenance and repairs, it became obvious that the original Aeolian chests were beyond salvage.  The chests were replaced with brand new Kegg all electric chests, built in the style of Aeolian, using the original layout and racking.  The results speak for themselves -- the organ speaks crisply and promptly, the action is quiet, and most of all, it is very reliable and will preserve the music for many generations more.