Project: E & GG Hook Op. 307
Client: Sears Chapel

About The Project
Built for the Sears family Chapel in the spring and summer of 1861, E & GG Hook Op. 307 remains in its original home, and in its original configuration.  The instrument served tirelessly for over 140 years before a program of renovation began in 2006.  The wind system was releathered, the pipes removed for cleaning, the chest tables were shimmed, and bushings and leather nuts were replaced.   Although the original voicing had never been altered, we called in the knowledgable and talented Scot Huntington to re-regulate the pipes.  After fixing sagging languids, bowed lips, and compromised toes, Opus 307 sounds forth with the color, clarity, and glory that rightfully gave the Hook firm it's reputation.  The organ remains in regular service both to the Sears family and to the congregation of Christ Church Longwood, who have made the Chapel their home since the 1960's.