Project: Boxcar Kimball S O L D
Client: Dover-Foxcroft Maine

About The Project
Kimball "Boxcar" organs were the low cost, high quality solution for small rural churches throughout America.  They were designed to be easily installed and effortlessly maintained.  This one served faithfully for almost the entire 20th century before water destroyed the wind system. 

We rescued it for a client, but the instrument never made it to the hoped for new home, so it is again available for purchase.

The pipework is in exquisite condition, being untouched from the factory (probably never even tuned).  The chests are in good restorable condition, the console is in fair restorable condition.  The wind system and the tubular pneumatic coupler relay are a total loss.  This is an easy conversion to an electro-pneumatic primary following a pattern that Kimball themselves used to convert these instruments.

GREAT (Manual I, 61 notes, Enclosed)
8              Open Diapason (17 basses in facade, metal-61 pipes)
8              Dulciana (metal-61 pipes)
4            Violina  (metal-61 pipes)
SWELL (Manual II, 61 notes, Enclosed with Great)
8              Stopped. Diapason (wood-61 pipes)
8              Gamba (metal-61 pipes)
4              Flute D'Amour (wood and metal-61 pipes)
PEDAL (27 notes)
16            Bourdon (wood-27 pipes)
COUPLERS   Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great, Super Octave
ACCESSORIES       Swell Expression Shoe
                                  Crescendo Shoe
DIMENSIONS        Footprint: 8’6” wide 5’8” deep (+ ~3’ for bench and organist)
                             Ceiling height required:  11 feet